Why does our back hurt?

This brief article is not intended to go into more detail on precise technical data. From the Yoga School, we have been detecting this problem for some time and we want to give some practical advice.

Faced with a backache, the first thing we should do is use common sense and before rushing to find quick solutions, ask ourselves what that pain is telling us. What are we submitting our back to make it hurt? Unfortunately, though these pains are becoming more and more frequent, we should know that they are not normal and that the body is warning us of something wrong.

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Main Causes of Back Pain

1. For injuries, disc hernias or protrusions. In this case, we recommend that you consult a competent doctor and follow his or her advice.

2. Bad postures. We must recognize them and correct them in time. If you notice that you often adopt a bad posture without realizing it, a good method of always being able to maintain good posture is to use Posture Corrective. These braces will help your back stay balanced and you don’t have to be constantly thinking about whether or not you are in good posture. These bands will make you get used to holding a good posture and eventually stop using it.

3. For the practice of repeated asymmetric exercises. These movements decompensate the musculature of our back with the ensuing pain.

4. Stress, overwork, lack of rest. One of them and generally the combination of the three have a direct impact on contractures and discomfort, usually cervical and lumbar. Here our main advice is to practice yoga regularly with a teacher who corrects us. If you don’t have a good teacher, a good book is always better. My advice is to look up B. K. S.’s bibliography. Iyengar already exists very didactic books translated into Spanish.

5. For lack of muscle tone. We are detecting this problem very much in the youngest, they spend a lot of time sitting studying and the weakness of their musculature makes their back hurt.

6. Poor eating habits. On its own, it is not a direct cause of back pain, but we should know that an excess protein diet promotes joint stiffness.

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