Nutrition in 2018, insect food will be the theme of revelation

Nutrition is a topic that interests us all. This is borne out by current trends. What new developments can we see during this coming 2018? Today we review the themes that will mark this year.

As the year begins and we move away from the prohibitive excesses of vacations, nutrition is once again gaining importance in our lives. 2017 has been an intense year in this sector, which has seen some very interesting changes. We have also seen how some of the most important battle fronts in our diet are intensifying. All this leaves some forecasts for this year. What will we find in 2018 in this respect?

food products based on insects.

Nutrition Trend Issues for 2018
Nutrition, food and nutrition (three related but not synonymous terms) are much more than health. Everything in this world has great implications for things like ethics and morality, publicity, aversion to the new, tastes, pleasure… We have reviewed what the most important issues for this new year in nutrition will be, and this is what we have found.

Health always comes first
Little by little we are becoming aware that eating is a complex process, which goes far beyond food. People, accustomed to eating for eating, attending only to their cravings or the need of the moment, have begun to worry about what it implies in their health. And to do so, it is betting on the range of tools and products at its disposal.

There is a sector of the population that is increasingly concerned about health, as seen in both consumption trends and research investment.

There is currently a genuine interest in knowing the impact of things like sugar or fat on our diet. Also in knowing what happens with additives or how different foods affect us in our daily health. All of this is reflected in the increasingly prolific studies on the subject.

This past year we had controversy with palm oil, but the protagonist has undoubtedly been sugar hidden in food, what will be the boom of 2018?”.

Food experts believe that in the future it will focus on the personalization of nutrition, leading to specific functional foods for specific population groups. On the other hand, 2018 will be the scene of new measures to control substances such as sugar, excess fat or more meticulous analysis of compounds such as acrylamide.

Food security gains strength
Until a few years ago, few consumers understood the incredible world behind food hygiene and preservation. This sector is responsible for reducing the number of poisonings and associated problems. In 2018, we will probably see some of the most interesting developments in that regard.

New technologies and scientific knowledge, as well as the recovery of certain research fields that were at a standstill, offer great opportunities to further improve the food safety of the products we consume.
Emerging techniques in genomics, coupled with the continued decline in associated costs, will provide new tools to prevent and investigate foodborne infectious outbreaks.
According to experts, another example will be the rebound in research on the use of phages to fight pathogenic bacteria and their adaptation to antibiotics.

In the coming years, we will probably see improvements in product life analysis. This will make it easier for consumers to get real information about the product they are consuming, something that is attracting increasing attention.

New products, new polemics
Another aspect that will set the trend this coming year will be the novelties, some of which are going to change the market a lot. They won’t always be positive, though. The food industry is exploring new methods and concepts to attract consumer attention. And it often does so despite well-founded criticism from nutrition experts. 2018 will not escape this fact.

Without a doubt, the unveiling of 2018 will be the inclusion in our market of food products based on insects. Recently approved for use in the European Union, it is likely that some company will develop a product based on insects.

This will imply a profound change in the food sector, according to the technologists, there is expectation to see how the industry manages to invent new formats and presentations that keep the consumer away from the instinctive rejection that we suffer for these poor animals, which on the other hand are very interesting from the nutritional point of view.

Animals and their welfare remain a concern
Another hot topic in nutrition is the animal aspect. Animals are increasingly causing concern in society. Its majority use is for food purposes. And associated with this are all kinds of ethical and moral considerations. Animals, after all, are living and sentient beings. Not mere resources.

More and more people are concerned about the ethical implications of consuming animal products, so vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular. In 2018 we will see an increasing tendency to consume more vegetables. This fact is supported by many nutritionists and researches.

According to these, we currently consume a tremendous excess of animal products, mainly meat, and we should increase vegetables and fruits in our diet. But options for consuming animal products without animal origin are increasing exponentially.

This new year we will certainly read news related to this growing awareness of animal welfare. It targets laboratory meat or even the use of heme protein groups to produce vegetarian meat substitute products.

This does not only involve animals. Although not all initiatives comply, many of the proposals related to reduced meat consumption imply a reduction in the ecological impact, the expenditure of fewer resources and a palpable nutritional improvement involving less added fats and sugars. So 2018 will be a year in which we will see more vegetables and tastier and more ethical recipes.

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