Having two servings of whole-grain cereal a day helps you live longer.

Eating two servings of whole grains each day reduces the risk of diseases such as obesity or type 2 diabetes and reduces mortality, nutrition experts say.

Regular consumption of whole grains could help you live longer and also prevent the development of various chronic diseases and even some types of cancer, according to experts from the Biomedical Research Centre and the Health Research Institute.

Eating two servings of whole grains each day reduces the risk

Apparently, adding two servings of whole grains – about 16 grams dry weight per serving – to your daily diet, such as those found in pasta, bread or rice, reduces the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or even colorectal cancer, and is associated with lower mortality.

According to two nutritionists and members of the research group, whole grains are a source of dietary fiber, phytochemicals and nutrients that are very important to the body, so consuming them regularly can provide great health benefits and could help us celebrate more years.

This conclusion was presented at the third annual meeting of the International Consortium for the Quality of Carbohydrates (ICQC) which aims to make known the properties of whole grain whole grains, and which has also sought to encourage consumption – especially those with a low glycemic index -, promote the production of food products with this type of cereals that are attractive, and do so without a high price. Finally, the experts gathered at the event believe that more emphasis should be placed on regulating labelling, making it simpler and easier for consumers to understand, but including all the necessary information.

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