Adequate fiber intake can help prevent obesity

A study shows that eating high-fiber foods can help control body weight and prevent obesity, especially excess abdominal fat, and points out that Spaniards eat less fiber than recommended.

People who eat a lot of fiber are usually less likely to be obese or overweight than those who do not include this substance in their diet, according to a study called’ Ingest and dietary sources of fiber in Spain: differences with respect to the prevalence of excess weight and abdominal obesity in adults from the scientific study Anibes’, which has recently been published in the journal Nutrients.

Adequate fiber intake can help prevent obesity

According to this study, carried out with data from Spaniards between 18 and 64 years of age, volunteers with a normal weight used to consume more fiber (13.4 g/day, on average) than those who were overweight (12.3 g/day) or obese (11.8 g/day). This may be due to the fact that eating fiber may help reduce appetite and therefore help the person eat less food at later meals.

Also, according to this same research, which has been coordinated by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), fiber intake would not only help control weight, but could also be related to a lower risk of abdominal obesity. According to data from this study, fiber intake was higher in those without abdominal fat than in those who did have more fat in this area. In this way, we can suspect that fiber intake adjusted to physical activity can help prevent the onset of abdominal obesity,”say experts.

The study also shows that we Spaniards consume little fiber. Although the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends an intake of 25 g per day, the reality in Spain is quite different, with average consumption among citizens being between 5.66 and 12.5 g/day, well below the recommended level. The study reflects an insufficient consumption of fiber by the Spaniards, being the main sources of this substance grains and flours, followed by vegetables, fruits and legumes,”explains the researcher.

In addition, research also shows that the highest consumption rates of fiber in Spaniards are concentrated in food, and only 13% claim to include this substance in breakfast. Something we also do wrong, because according to specialist Ortega, food groups such as cereals and fruits should be included in the first meal of the day.

The expert concludes that despite the need for further research, it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods with a high fiber content to prevent pathologies associated with insufficient intake, and to improve body weight control.

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